Cicada Iron Works prides itself on three things; uniqueness of the finished piece, ultimate quality, and my reputation in working with a client to turn their dream design into a reality.  When I set out to build a special piece, I never think of it as just a piece of iron.  CIW sets its goals much higher.  I take tremendous pride in each and every piece and consider all of my finished products as individual works of art or even, sculpture for everyday use.

Is it possible to consider a simple bed as…sculpture?  How about a beautiful garden gazebo or dining room table; even a mirror?  I put every ounce of my talent and determination into building whatever is needed to fulfill someone’s desire for a truly unique item.  When you purchase one of my works, it’s no longer just ‘something’ that takes up valuable space in your home or office, and sits unnoticed.  My pieces tend to be so unusually beautiful and so different they quite often become focal points of the very room they occupy.

I use only high-quality, thick iron; not thin-walled tubing that is poorly manufactured and bound to rust through in a few short years.  I use only Italian and German wrought iron elements; some of the finest true, hand-forged pieces in the world. direct from Milan and Munich. My welds are strong and guaranteed, backed by over thirty years of welding experience in eight different procedures and 180 welding certifications, even underwater. 

On a sidenote, CIW believes you should be cautious of unlicensed individuals claiming to be contractors who prey upon homeowners.  Licensed contractors must demonstrate a Journeyman level of knowledge of their craft, be tested, fingerprinted, bonded and FBI background checked before they are licensed to work in California.  You can check the current status of any contractor’s license by visiting, and following the promps.

Established in Agoura Hills in 2000 and now located in Newbury Park, I've been servicing all of Southern Califonia for over a decade.  With over 500 satisfied clients, I've developed a reputation for quality, artistry and unmatched service.

California Contractor's License - 945760
Ornamental Iron  C-23

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